Since the release of the first iPhone up until the iPhone 4s, it had a screen display of 3.5 inches. Many users were satisfied with the screen size until competitors started to release smartphones with larger screen sizes. Many fans hoped and even begged for a larger screen size which was then featured on the iPhone 5. This iPhone has a larger screen display of 4 inches. Many fans think that 4 inches is the perfect size for a phone, but there are others who want an even larger display than its competitors. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a screen display of 4.8 inches and rumors of their next model is said to be 5 inches.

“The screen size of the S4 is expected to reach 5-inch from the current 4.8 screen size of the S3…” The Korean Times

Will the iPhone 6 match that size or be even larger? What about those who think the current size is perfect?

Many smartphone users are too focused on the size of the screen. Some see it as bigger is better and that there is a race to see which company can make the biggest screen. Some complain that large smartphones do not fit in their hand and pocket properly. What we will most likely see for the iPhone 6 is a slightly larger screen which will also be wider. Many want to have a more proportion sized iPhone instead of the “stretch look”.

“And yes, the screen’s larger (4 inches diagonally), but a lot of people wanted Apple to go wider and taller — not just taller.” David Carnoy

Apple is not the type to follow in other companies’ footsteps so a 5 inch screen on the new iPhone will be very unlikely. They are very aware of what their consumers want and know that they want a larger and more proportional screen so we will most likely see it in the new iPhone 6.